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“Crispy Almod Fish Snack is a casual snack that is suitable for consumption from the age of three to ninety. When hosting family gatherings, parties, or afternoon tea, it is a perfect match with any type of tea, coffee, or even whiskey. It will leave you with an endless aftertaste.”

a new concept of snacks

We recombine the original ingredients of traditional foods to create a new concept of snacks. This is a nutritious and delicious casual snack that is made by baking a mixture of nuts and fish paste. It is a new snack food from Taiwan and is also sold in Costco Wholesale in Taiwan. It is now available at Costco Wholesale on the West Coast. We named it Crispy Almond Fish Snack.

You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere

Join us in experiencing this delightful casual snack!

Indulge in the pleasure of our exquisite Crispy Almond Fish Snack. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of oceanic freshness and almond allure with every satisfying bite. Elevate your snack time to a new level of enjoyment.


Where TO Buy

Our products are currently displayed in some Costco Wholesale stores on the west coast of the United States.